Discount Inventory - Responsive Directory Geolocation & Listings HTML5 Template

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Product description

Inventory is our newest DIRECTORY Listing Template. We have created this Template after a lot of research. It could provide the best user experience for administrators, company owners, and regular users. Different Homepage, Listing Page, Blog Page Variations will help you to select the perfect design for your Website.

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Though content is the king for a Directory Website, we have added the elements perfectly. It will give your website a professional look. When you will add more and more content, your Website value will increase day by day.

05.01.2017—Version 1.1.0
+ Update: MAP Functionality
+ Fixed: JS error on Pre Loader
+ Fixed: CSS Issues

Inventody - WordPress Directory Theme

Inventory Promotional Features

Key Features List:

  1. 5 HomePage Variations
  2. 4 Listing Page Variations
  3. 3 Blog Page Variations
  4. Fully Responsive
  5. Google Image, Open Street Maps, Sattelite & Street View Mapps
  6. Touch Mobile Slider
  7. Star Rating
  8. Magnific Popup
  9. Isotop Plugin
  10. Responsive Thumbnail Gallery
  11. Add Listing Page Included
  12. Universal Directory Listing
  13. OpenStreetMap map Providers!
  14. Geolocation & Autocomplete
  15. Quick View on Items
  16. W3C Validate Code
  17. HTML Codes with Comments
  18. Keyboard Shortcuts
  19. Multiple filter variations
  20. Submit listing form
  21. Pricing tables
  22. Dashboard files
  23. Multiple color combinations
  24. SASS files
  25. Font Awesome Icons
  26. Partners component
  27. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  28. Blog row listing
  29. Blog detail page
  30. Login, registration and reset password forms
  31. Restaurant Place
  32. 404 Error pages
  33. Bootstrap 4
  34. Google Fonts

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